Who We Are

Code VI Veteran Integration is a nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS (501c3). Our mission and purpose is to ignite the spark of hope and resilience in Veterans & Families. We are Veterans and know change is not just possible, but realistically achievable. We don’t “help” Veterans – we’ve learned some Veterans have a hard time accepting help – instead, we assist support, encourage, teach and equip Veterans & Families to achieve integration and balance and lead flourishing lives.

Our name was inspired by the sixth Article of the Code of Conduct:

  • Remember Who We Are
  • Remember Who (and What) We Are Fighting For
  • Never Quit

The ``VI`` in our name also represents the six areas of Integration:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Psychological/Emotional
  • Relational
  • Financial
  • Vocational/Professional

What We Do

Code VI recreates Tribe – Veterans connecting with Veterans, to establish a bond of trust that only Veterans understand. Back in Tribe, Veterans who have achieved balance and purpose share this knowledge with other Veteran brothers and sisters – it’s our new Mission.

Certified Peer Specialists ``ScarValue`` ™

Provide Veteran peer support based on our training, our experience overcoming trauma and/or addiction and our own scar value.

Experienced LifeSkill Teachers and Spiritual Guides

To coach, assist and teach Veterans how to live a life in balance and have rich human relationships.

Access to licensed therapists

Should you need professional therapy to address and overcome Post Traumatic Stress, Military Sexual Trauma, Moral Injury or substance abuse/addition issues.

Assistance & Support

Assistance with or referral to resources to include:

  • VA Benefits claims and issue resolution
  • Food and housing
  • Vocational/Jobs – Career skills coaching, resume writing, interview coaching, job hunting & placement
  • Transportation
  • Emergency financial assistance (if available)
  • Resources at TexVet.org

What is Integration?

Life is intended to be lived in balance. What does that mean? We tell ourselves “I’m good – have a good job, still in pretty good shape, a spouse or a child…why am I not happy?”

We believe happiness is a byproduct of living a flourishing life – a balanced life – where we apply with excellence our skills, talents, abilities and passions.

So, how do I flourish?  Our lives are lived – and blown apart – along six meridians:  Spiritual, physical, psychological/emotional, relational, financial and vocational/professional.  When we are out of balance, we tend to lean into/chase temporary happiness in the area that’s most familiar or easiest to improve; “I need to work out more”, “If I just had a better paying job”, “I’ll spend more time with the kids”…rarely do these focal-point solutions result in balance.  Balance can only be realized through setting intentions and specific goals in each of the six areas, followed by responsible action and measuring progress.

Once balance is achieved, it can be said that we have reached the point of integration.  Integration IS possible.

Tribe. Identity. Purpose.

We were forged in Tribe.  From the moment we raise our right hand and swear the Oath of Allegiance until our final day in uniform we are part of something bigger than ourselves.  We are Part of something. We belong.  Then we receive a DD-214 and return to civilian society which seems to have moved on without us and where there is a mutual mistrust and lack of understanding.

In the military we have an Identity and a Purpose – from our MOS to our unit, what’s on our sleeve, collar or chest, WHO we are and WHAT we do is defined or influenced by the military culture.  When we complete our service, our identify shifts and sometimes we can have difficulty redefining ourselves in the civilian world, delaying our reintegration.

Code VI helps you find your Tribe and offers a healthy and safe space where you can find your identity and discover your purpose.


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